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When most people think of nonstick pans, their thoughts are not usually positive: chemicals, one-trick pony (read: eggs) and a throwaway tool. But did you know that most nonstick pans are oven safe? Some can even go under the broiler! And for those afraid of chemicals, we’re here to tell you that most nonstick pans no longer contain Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFOA), better known as "Teflon." We tested a variety of pans to find our favorites, and whether you’re making pancakes for the kids or whipping up a weeknight dinner, we found a pan for you.
While buying a frying pan, keeping in mind certain features ..

While stainless steel cookware is great, a good nonstick pan is important in every cook's kitchen. The best nonstick cookware is perfect for making eggs and other delicate foods like fish or quick sautés. It's more forgiving when it comes to flipping and stirring, and it requires less grease to cook, and it's much easier to clean thanks to a slick coating that prevents sticking in the first place. Some nonstick pans are made of or coated with ceramic, which, on its own, doesn't contain PFOAs or PFAs, the known toxins associated with Teflon. But don't

worry: According to experts, the finish on modern nonstick cookware is safe when used properly.

check out some of the fry pans that we bring for you:

1)Aluminum Non-Stick Deep Fry Pan Prime stone

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Item Content: Fry Pan with Glass Lid - 01 N

This Prime stone Deep Fry Pan with Glass Lid by Shri and Sam is built in heavy gauge aluminum that has non stick coating. Comes with a soft touch handle that smoothens the grip on your hand while lifting it. This Deep Fry Pan is easy to maintain and takes less space in your kitchen. This product has an induction bottom which means that it is compatible to all heating sources like gas, electric, induction etc. 

Material - Aluminium
Color - Grey
Diameter - 26 cm
Height - 7 cm
Weight - 1550 gm
Capacity - 2900 ml
Production - Made in India

  • This product is durable.
  • Do not use iron sponge or any hard cleaning agents.
  • This product is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Please do not use any metal kitchen tool on this product.
  • Please do not pre heat the pan empty.

 CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

2)Aluminum Non-Stick Deep Fry Pan with Glass Lid Rocklin

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Item Content :  Deep Fry Pan with Glass Lid - 01 Pc

Enjoy your evening Pakoras or your morning cutlets in this Shri and Sam’s Rockline Deep Fry Pan. This product looks like it has been built by a rock, since its built to last, hence, the name. This fry pan is crafted in heavy gauge aluminum that has 3 layers of spatter in different colors, over the non stick coating. One of our most sold deep fry pans and very common in Indian households, this fry pan is designed to retain flavors and spices with minimum oil consumption. This product has an induction bottom which means this product is compatible with all heating sources like gas, electric, induction etc. This fry pan can cook for approximately 2-3 people easily. This non-stick deep fry pan can be the perfect healthy choice over any other normal fry pan because of its non stick property, the food does not stick to the pan. The handle on the fry pan is a soft touch handle that means it is smooth to hold and grips easily on the hands. With the right design and perfect looks this deep fry pan could be a great add on for any kind of kitchen.

Material - Aluminum
Color - Brown
Diameter - 22 cm, 24 cm and 26 cm
Capacity - 1250 ml, 1500 ml and 2000 ml
Height - 4.4 cm, 4.5 cm and 4.7 cm
Weight - 1.017 kg, 1.184 kg and 1.385 kg
Production - Made in India

3) Aluminum 5 PCS Non-Stick Cookware Set Mosaic

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Item Content : Mini Fry Pan - 01 N, Fry Pan - 01 N, Dosa Tawa - 01 N, Kadhai with Glass Lid - 02 N  

This Shri and Sam Mosaic Non-Stick Cooware Set is a must-have for everyone as this is a very beautiful cooking set. This set contains a Dosa Tawa and fry pan which is crafted in heavy gauge aluminum that has 3 layers of non-stick coating on the inside and heat resistant coating on the outside with a white color spatter on it. This piece has a bright pink colored look that can settle in any kind of kitchen and is a treat to the eye. Moreover, these pieces have induction bottom which makes it compatible with all heating sources like gas, ceramic, induction, etc. the handle also has the same pink color, and is made from Bakelite and is heat resistant. This cooking set is a must-have as it requires minimal oil in cooking and takes less time as well. All in all, this is the right fit as it can be used to make food and serve in the same.

Material - Aluminium
Color - Purple
Diameter - Mini Fry Pan - 14 CM, Fry Pan - 24 CM, Dosa Tawa - 28 CM, Kadhai with Glass Lid - 24 CM
Weight - Mini Fry Pan - 172 GM, Fry Pan - 660 GM, Dosa Tawa - 712 GM, Kadhai with Glass Lid - 1283 GM
Production - Made in India


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